In the previous post I spent a whole lot of words telling you that switching gear is not the way to get better at making art/music. But I know this because I have countless times made that very mistake. As I've told you before I switched from Logic to Reason, but my music didn't improve. So after trying Reason for a while, I decided that it wasn't right for me, and got the Ableton Live 30-day trial. I just didn’t have the right tools, I thought. Besides, everybody kept talking about Ableton, so I had to find out what the deal was. Maybe it was the big secret that could make my music awesome!

Uh-um. Sure.

But I will say that I love Ableton the most out of the three DAWs that I've tried and I think it will be amazing for a long long time to come. I really like its emphasis on automation and its streamlined, efficient workflow, and its respect for screen space. It's a sharp tool. But yeah, it won’t make your music for you. 

So here’s the first track that I finished in Live:


It sounds the way it does because I had heard the tip that if you write out the whole song using simple piano sounds, then you are more likely to finish it and not get stuck somewhere in the middle. While this is indeed true, once my track was finished, I had a hard time making any changes because they all felt wrong. The track was built to work with the sounds I put in, so changing them would kind of ruin the whole thing, and so I left it as it was. Unfortunately, as a result I got something that is completely different from the genre that I like. It’s more like classic-y piano-y sounding and I am more into like dark electro, ambient stuff. Good learning experience though.