The song that I want to share with you today is a special one for me. I wrote it on Nov 14, 2015 - the morning after the Paris attacks made the city quiet with terror. 


This track - I didn't want to write it. I needed to write it. 

I picked up my guitar and while looking out of the window on the gray sky started singing how I felt. It's like I needed to capture the pain and the hopelessness in order to cope. I couldn’t understand why anybody would want to create so much suffering for innocent people, yet I connected very profoundly with the victims. I felt extremely sad that their lives were cut short and that they would no longer have another chance to laugh, enjoy the sun, listen to some music. 

I’ll let the lyrics do the talking:

Broken glass on the floor,
The coffee's gone cold.
New shoes back at home,
Yet to be worn.

Phone in your pocket.
When will the charge run out?
Messages come,
For no one to see.

That life that you wanted to live,
Where is it now?
Those new shoes,
What if you'd worn them last night?

Where would they take you?

So yeah, I wrote this song out of personal necessity to understand the tragedy, to put it in the right place in my mind, to try to understand the strange thing that death is. I hope that this is the only sad song like this that I write. Ever. Life is beautiful. People shouldn't be killed.