ENOUGH WITH THE PAST - PART 2 (Tracks No. 15 & 16)


I was just jamming and ended up with this minimal track. That's all great, I love minimal, except I wasn't trying to write a minimal track. I wanted to write ambient/downtempo but because I am not good at ambient drums, soundscapes, and what not, I just programmed the familiar 4 on the floor drum pattern and ended up with something with a completely different feel. 

One thing about ambient that I need to understand is that it rarely uses what we think of as regular drum hits. Instead in downtempo the hi-hats are often noisy and not bright and sparkly. Snares have a sandy kind of texture and kicks can be either very subdued and sometimes crunched up with distortion once again for a grainy kind of texture. This is very general of course, but I need to understand that making a downtempo track with dance sounds is not the right way to approach it haha. 


This track is important to me because it succeeded at capturing the mood/feel that I am going for with my music. A kind of dark pulsing energy. Cool! Small victories like this really inspire to move forward and show that practice does some invisible magic shit that you can only see in retrospect. Perhaps that's why it is so often underestimated. 

BTW, anybody know what Risvintine means? :P

Alright! This concludes the trip to the past. The next post will be shared in "real time" meaning that I will publish it right after I finish my next track.

See you then!