In my last post I finished talking about where I come from, how I discovered music, etc. Now that I am all caught up on that I can finally start showing you where I am now, in real time. 

That prompts this little little housekeeping post so those of you who are following my story know what to expect in the future. 

I was thinking about how to best deliver the new material and I decided that until I have a track finished it makes no sense to post my session notes and talk about what I learned because what good is me talking without the track that I am referring to? (Yes, I did consider posting works in progress but who has time for that?) 

So I am going to do posts the following way:

Once I am done with a track I will publish it here and on Soundcloud. The track will be numbered so it is easy to keep count of how many I have completed. (Remember this is not just me making music, this is also an experiment on talent, so some kind of data is great to gauge my progress.)

Below the track I will post what I learned along with some production data and the total time spent making the track. The time part is tricky. I will only be keeping track of quality time. Why? Because it’s the only time that counts towards the 10,000 hour goal. So for example I might spend 10 hours on a track, but since 2 of them were spent not productively (i.e. listening to the loop over and over) I will only count the 8 hours that I was productive for. This won’t be an exact science because I am not actually running a stopwatch while making music, so I am estimating the total time spent, and then I am rounding it down to an approximation of what I consider to have been quality time. Don’t worry, I do glance at the clock when I begin and finish, and I will always err on a lesser side when approximating quality time. This means I will accumulate hours slower, but that will be a more realistic measure of my position on the long road to mastery.

The total accumulated time to date will be displayed in the main post image like this:

That’s it for now. See you next time.