My next track (Long Distance) was made in an attempt to make something more palatable than my previous effort. This one was made in Logic, on my lap in a friend’s living room, and featuring a female vocal sample recorded spontaneously via the built-in mic on my computer. A whole lot of trial and error and a ton of frustration, but I am still quite fond of the musical idea expressed despite the so-so production (make sure to listen through headphones or speakers - the bass does not translate on laptop speakers).


Not sure what can be learned from this track, but my drums for sure need work. They are robotic and static.

Continuing with the romantic mood, here is the track that followed:


The idea was born from some simple arpeggiated chords that I played on guitar, while singing whatever came to mind. That's how I got the first verse. Then I kind of forgot about the song until much later, and when I came back to it (luckily I wrote my idea down!) with a fresh perspective I buckled down and wrote the rest of the song:

You invaded my space
Things fell out of their place
It was a new beginning
Of the well known story

Words turned into meaning
Breathing underwater
I thought that I was dreaming
Then woke up to you calling

Objects shifting their shapes
No time will be sufficient
I need to have your eyes
In my field of vision

Fighting through the distance
Finding love in places
Long ago abandoned
By those afraid of waiting

Please come in invade my space
Put things back into their place
Let’s rewrite the ending
Of this well known story

I then arranged the track in Logic, ditching the guitar, and recording vocals through the built-in mic (took like 20 tries). The whole process took about an hour, granted the lyrics and the chords were ready.

Takeaways from the track:

I think some sort of musical break would be nice after the fourth verse to give the listener a little bit of time to process the lyrics. The flow of the track gets a little monotonous towards the end so some sort of chorus or instrumental break could be useful. Other than that, having an actual singer would be cool, but it was nice to be able to record my very own interpretation of the lyrics giving the song exactly the twist I wanted. But then again, sometimes ideas from the outside can be really cool too!

Okay, till next time!