There’s a lot of music out there and I love most of it, but my absolute favorite genre at this point is downtempo. Genres are tricky to define but to me downtempo is 80-110 BPM tracks that are steeped in dark sonic energy. Glitchy percussion, powerful grooves, drones, pulsating bass, soundscapes, fluctuations in energy levels, delayed gratification, and textures, lots and lots of textures. Love it love it love it. I have Pandora Radio to thank for the discovery of this genre. Infinitely grateful for this. 

Some of my favorite downtempo artists are Aes Dana, Solar Fields and Asura. But pretty much everything released under the Ultimae Records label will have me extremely stoked. The music they release is about a life bigger that we know. A life that transcends the borders of what is Earthly and observable. It takes you to places other than here, into the realm beyond that which is accessible to humans. It takes you to a place where everything that is physical exists in perfect symbiosis with the emotional. 

Here’s my latest favorite:

Cut by Aes Dana (third track in video)

Another track that I absolutely love:

Atalantis Child by Asura

And one more that I’ve listened to dozens of times and still find it fresh every time I put it on:

Sol by Solar Fields

Another guy that I cannot stop listening to is Deadmau5, even though we are now talking about a different genre. Some people hate him, some love him. I love him. His music is not boring as some say. I find it to be extremely deep and complex, while also powerful, energetic, nostalgic, and deep. Besides, he is never afraid to experiment, he has a cool personality, and he stays true to his art and to himself. Much respect. Can’t wait for his 2016 album. 

Below is one of his non-typical tracks that I really enjoy. If you think this one is boring then I don’t know…

Sleepless by Deadmau5

But yeah, anyway, I look up to these guys. Their music is phenomenal. I will study it in great detail. They are the masters I want to learn from.

If you listen to my music you will see that I am all over the place in terms of genre. That’s because I am just trying my best to at least complete tracks, let alone make tracks in a specific genre, but I am trying. I am okay with the current situation because there’s no need to rush this process and skills will come as I make lots of music. The bar is set high by the artists mentioned above. Now it’s up to me to progress on my journey.