ENOUGH WITH THE PAST (Tracks No. 13 and 14)

In my previous posts I talked and talked and talked about my aspirations, my background, about the music that I'd made in the past, blah blah, but what about making music now? Isn’t that the most important thing? Yes it is, so let me quickly take you through the rest of my November and December 2015 so we can focus on where I am at NOW. Enough with the past. 


I started this track by coming up with a chord progression and a rhythm. It's interesting how the chords really help write the rest of the song and provide the necessary momentum to get to the end of the arrangement process, but they also dictate the mood throughout. So choose your chords with great care. Otherwise they might not let you escape their pull.


This track starts with three synth voices progressively layering over their own rhythm. Then the closing low-pass filter lowers the energy before the next section of the song drops in with a groove-setting bass. Later a sparse melodic call and response comes in to do the emotional heavy lifting. Lots of trial and error and lots and lots of luck with this track but I really like the result. I am getting closer to the sound that I like.

Speaking of luck, sometimes I let myself be bothered by the fact that some of my music is very accidental in nature. The control freak inside me wants to make sure that he makes EVERYTHING. That means EVERY SOUND, EVERY TRANSITION, EVERY EFFECT, EVERY PROGRESSION, EVERY DEVELOPMENT. Yeah, that ego-driven behavior makes sense, except for one tiny detail that was hilariously pointed out by a reddit user:

He's talking more so about pre-made material, but that also applied to arranging songs. You can’t make everything and you can't control everything. Sometimes you layer a cool sound on top of what you have and then luck does its magic, and suddenly you have your breakdown figured out. But then again, luck happens because you sit down and actually try things. You accept some motifs/sounds/progressions and reject others. In the end without you sitting there you'd have nothing, so let that inner control freak get the credit that he deserves instead of feeling like you've lost all your artistic integrity. This is important.

This post is continued in Part 2.