I have a lot of anxiety and insecurity going forward with my project of 10,000 hours. Since I can remember, I have been told, and thus have come to believe, that I do not have musical talent. And perhaps that is true. I do not have perfect pitch, I cannot sing, I cannot tap a cohesive rhythm like some of my friends who turn a steering wheel of a car into a drum kit, nor do I have good audation allowing me to compose cool melodies in my head. I do, however, seem to have pretty good visualization skills and an ability for abstract thinking. Hopefully I can leverage these talents to build and improve my musicality. 

Let me tell you a bit about my very first musical discoveries. When I was about 4-6 years old I had this little battery powered keyboard thing (Casio SA-5). I’d pull it out every once in a while when I was completely bored, but most of the time it was left untouched. It’s a shame because it was actually a pretty neat device. It had small keys, and above them several buttons each programmed with a preset. I didn’t know what the designations like pads, synth, bass, and drums meant, but I would lie on the floor and go from one patch to the next, playing whatever on the keys. Out of all my experimentation I remember only one moment vividly. While going through the sounds I stumbled upon one that was an evolving pad that sounded like a choir of mighty Greek gods or something. The sound was big and made me feel like I was experiencing something profound. I think it was back then that I discovered my first chord (must have been an Am because dammit I don’t know why but I love that chord). Of course back then I didn’t know it was a chord. I just knew it sounded cool. Anyway, I'd keep playing this chord over and over again, meanwhile letting my imagination run completely wild. I remember envisioning myself walking through giant glass doors into some enormous space. It was a powerful experience and it even made me tear up, and I wasn't even sure why.  

I don’t know what happened to that little keyboard. I wish I still had it. But one thing is for sure - that keyboard orchestrated my first experience of sound intertwined with feelings. It was my first contact with the power of music.