The purpose of Pyll Mgzn is to inspire those who have something to say to finally say it. Some of the most spirit-crushing things a person who has chosen to commit to a life of expression can endure are unexpressed ideas, submission to fear, and unreached potential.

So whether you are a shy photographer who is reluctant to pick up the camera, a frustrated writer unable to make ideas ring true on paper, a musician stuck in a loop, or an artist who feels trapped - know that the problems you face are universal and, in fact, inevitable. Simply understanding that you are not alone and that you have everything that you need in order to do the work that you need to do might be enough to give you the energy to move forward, to prevail as an artist. 

In this magazine we talk to people who don't have time to make art, who don't find it easy to make art, who fail occasionally to make art, and yet who still make it. Their stories of perseverance and dedication are invaluable lessons that show that making art depends on one thing and one thing only - taking an idea, no matter how vague, and making it into something tangible. It is as simple and as complex as that.  

Your work has to be done and it has to be finished. This is the only way.



Artem Barinov

Artem Barinov is a photographer and writer based in Los Angeles. Influenced by the rugged Californian terrain, the subconscious mind, and the quiet misery of suburbia, he uses visual and ordinary languages as his tools for exploring human psychology and behavior, and as means to comment on the issues that overwhelm contemporary society. Artem's work ranges from authentic street photographs to conceptual portraits to rhythmic poetry, all unified by one common thread - his thirst for exploring the intricate complexity of the human experience.

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Maya Benten 
Contributing Writer

Maya Benten is an artist, teacher and entertainer who is on a mission to inspire people to create and experience magic within themselves. Having a rebellious nature and striving for Truth, she has always gravitated toward Mysticism, Art and Comedy (yes, funny people are magical!). Her work varies from vlogging on Youtube, teaching Naam Yoga classes and practicing healing techniques, to participating in mainstream showbiz...

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Jonathan Tsuei
Contributing Writer

Jonathan Tsuei is a Chapman University alumnus and an original founder of Chapman's own Calliope Art & Literary Magazine. He is an aspiring writer of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and Oxford Commas. 

See more of Jonathan's work on his blog and follow him on twitter @jcalebtsuei.