Photo by Artem Barinov

Photo by Artem Barinov

Our world is vast, suspended in a state of constant change as it spins. As human beings we have the beautiful gifts of consciousness and cognition which we can use to explore this world. It is a journey we all want to remember because to us it is meaningful. Luckily, somewhere along this journey we discovered photography - a tool to document our paradoxically insignificant yet incomprehensibly important existence.

The essence of photography, like the essence of life, is to create order out of disorder.

The world is filled with color, shapes, motion, and it shifts in a wild chaotic dance. Events unfold at the speed of light, and because they happen so fast it’s like they don’t occur at all. Their lifespan depends on the capacity of our memory. But photography changes everything. An exposure freezes a moment that otherwise might fail to come into prolonged existence. Unacknowledged, it would be hopelessly lost in the complex fractal of time. But photography gives life to that which isn’t supposed to live. It validates split seconds. It shapes reality. It reveals and empowers individual building blocks of experience.

Photography has the power to influence, to persuade, to change, to provide hope, to reassure, to provoke, to convince. It can hurt, it can heal. It resides between the churning stream of consciousness and obsessive concentration. It extends the boundaries of time.

A camera is like a gun, but in the right hands it doesn’t kill -- it gives life. Photography celebrates life and encourages compassion. 

Photography is a path to self-understanding. Photography taught me that in order to exist I must not be afraid of myself and of the space that I occupy in this world.