If only you could see yourself right now. If only you knew how pretty you are. I can see you from an angle that to your eyes is inaccessible, except via photography. But even that wouldn't do you justice. At this particular moment I am the only one who can see you the way you are. Living. Breathing. Real. And even the slight tension in your brow is somehow very beautiful and deeply meaningful. There is a life in you so inexplicable, so profound. Your search for happiness is an adventure full of joy, just the way it should be. I guess I was wrong in thinking that that adventure had to be painful. Or maybe I'm in love and everything just seems less painful now. 

How do I show you how I feel deep down inside my being? How do I explain what it feels like to look into your eyes? To smell your skin? To feel your warm breath on my neck? I have the image of your face burnt into my retinas, and everywhere I look I see your pretty ghost. And when I am somewhere far away, sometimes my nose recalls the sweet scent it enjoyed when pushed against your cheek during a kiss. Like pollen to a bee it stuck to my delirium. And I don't even know where you come from. I do not know what sequence of events and magic produced such a sophisticated being. And I don't dare to try to figure out what sequence of coincidences made us bump into each other in this universe. Like particles that started the Big Bang, we, too, collided to create a new beginning. And now I'm sitting in your room and looking at you as you type your story. And while I know that time is limited, right now I feel like it is frozen.