Just a few months ago we interviewed emerging electronic music producer psypad, and today he is raising the stakes with his latest project - a vivid collaboration with a Russian fashion brand Sirinbird.

This time, expanding from his roots in deep techno to more delicate soundscapes, psypad infuses the director's cut of Sirinbird's promotional video with a touch of ethereal. We get a sense of profound longing, a feeling as fleeting as an aroma you recognize but cannot identify:

From the makers of the video:

"A borrowed light, an oblique image, a stolen glance, an uncertain commentary. The cautious eye seldom risks going so far as the images depicted on the silk here: a hidden softness, a perfume that awakens, magic echoes rolling off the clouds. And in a single stroke, in an instant, open the frontiers of the world beyond.

A synthesis of tone-painting and visualization that characterized the Russian national music of the XIX century is now growing in the air of young electronic music producer - psypad.

Under the usual upper stratum of «modern electronic» pulsates the musical tradition of Russian fairytale coming from Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin and Rachmaninov.

To listen is not enough. This music demands to be seen. It brings to the fore its acoustic treasures and timbres with such radiant intensity that it crosses the sonic border and becomes colors, patterns, signs.

These signs play with one another while developing their own linear progressions thus creating a complex, multidimensional, polyrhythmic canvas reminiscent of the structure of Stravinsky and Prokofiev.

Frozen in its insistent repetition the theme is similar to lamentation, perhaps a lullaby with mysterious whispers and creaks. From it grow new rhythm and melody variations to generate new images – restless bells, hoofbeats. Multiplying electronic noises increase the sense of mystery and secrecy while maintaining the lightness and transparency of the silky musical narration.

Myth is "the essence of consciousness as it itself appears in a phantasm of reality." The collaboration of electronic musician psypad (Ivan Tolokonnikov), fashion designer Sirinbird (Irina Batkovoy), and Wordshop Music Video productions is a project in which music interacts with visual symbolic protoforms to create a mystical space for the unique fashion objects.

Inspired by Russian fairytales, the stories told on Sirinbird's natural silk ask: Where does myth end and reality begin?"


  • Directed by: Andrey Mousin, Alena Koukoushkina
  • Original Music by: psypad
  • Camera: Nikolay Belikov, Vasily Ovchinnikov
  • Starring: Elena Yakunina, Anton Goverdovsky
  • Edited by: Sergey Chebotarev
  • Color grading: Maxim Mironov
  • Styling: Margarita Sayapina
  • Crew: Marina Tolstobrova, Ivan Smurygin, Margarita Suslova
  • Special thanks to Lesya Rusakovich, Bat Norton, Vse v Buket by Ksenia Ponomareva and Larissa Sukhova
  • Script: Andrey Mousin, Alena Koukoushkina
  • Produced by: Wordshop Music Video